Congratulations on being accepted as a Sampoerna Academy scholar at SMA Negeri 10 Malang!
Before you leave home to start the school year, there are several informations you need to know:

1.    School
The school is located at:
Jl. Danau Grati No: 1 Sawojajar,
Malang 65139
Phone: (0341) 719300
Fax: (0341) 717300.

2.    Dormitory
The dormitory for the school are currently under construction. For the time being, you will be staying at a temporary dormitory. The temporary dormitory is located at the following address:
Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN)
Jl. Gajayana 50
Malang 65144
Tel: 0341-551354
All students will stay at this temporary dormitory for about 1 month, then we will move to another dormitory that will be your place to stay until January 2010. The location of the new dormitory will be informed to you during the orientation week, and we will inform your parents as well.

3.    When to Arrive
If you are from Kota Malang or Kabupaten Malang, you should arrive at the temporary dormitory at UIN on Saturday, July 11, 2009 between 14:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon.  If you are from outside Kota/Kabupaten Malang, you should arrive at the UIN dormitory on Sunday, July 12, 2009 between 10:00 to 15:00.
We will not arrange for the transportation for you to come to Malang this time, so you have to arrange it by yourself.  If you have problems getting to Malang, please let us know by contacting the Student Admission team, or 0813-33 77 02 59 (Bp. Widodo) or 0852-34 02 23 22 (Bp. Yudi).
Once you arrive at UIN Malang, get to the dormitory or Mahat Putri (for girls) and Mahat Putra (for boys). There will be clear signs to guide you to the dormitory, and there will be a welcoming committee to meet you at the dormitory during the abovementioned hours. So, please make sure you arrive on time!
Your parents may choose to accompany you to come to Malang, but they will not be able to stay in the dormitory or participate in the orientation week. We suggest that your parents come on July 18, when we will have the school inauguration ceremony.

4.    Student Orientation Program
In the week of 13-17 of July 2009, all students must go through an Orientation Program. This program will allow you to learn about the school and the program. During this week, we will also assign you to a house, fit your uniforms, assign you to your Student Advisor, learn about the rules and regulations of the school, the boarding policy, etc. We hope this program will enable you to adapt nicely to your new environment.
At the end of the Orientation Program, we will conduct the School Inauguration ceremony. The event is scheduled for July 18, 2009. Both of your parents are invited to attend. We will send a formal invitation to your parents in the near future.




11 July 2009

14:00 – 16:00

Students from Kota Malang and Kabupaten Malang should arrive at Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) dormitory.

12 July 2009

10:00 – 15:00

Students from other cities outside Malang should arrive atUniversitas Islam Negeri (UIN) dormitory

13 – 17 July 2009

Student Orientation Program

18 July 2009

School Inauguration Day

21 July 2009

First day of School for 2009/2010 Academic Year

5.    Living in Dormitory
Boys and girls live in separate dormitory. At the temporary dormitory, you will share a room with 3 other students. Most likely they will come from other regions in East Java. They may also come from different background and religions. You will learn to live independently from your family, but you will also learn to live with others.
Bedsheet, blanket and pillow are provided. You and your roommates are expected to make your own bed and clean your rooms. There will be other house chores assigned to each house member.
Each dormitory house will have houseparents, who are usually school teacher or staff and their spouse. They will manage the dormitory house and become your “adopted parents” while you are at SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy).
Meals will be served 3 times a day. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the dormitory. Lunch will be provided at the school. School will arrange the buses from the dormitory to school in the morning, and from the school to the dormitory in the afternoon.
Dormitory has a set of strict rules and regulations which will be explained to you during the orientation week. There will be a 24-hour security to assist with ensuring the safety and security of all students in the dormitory.

6.    What to Bring
Your scholarship will include school uniforms and academic (text) books. Important personal articles that you need to bring:
•    Clothing:

  • Two button-down cotton shirts, long sleeved
  • One set of Junior High school Uniform (White Top and Blue Pants/skirts ).
  • Several pairs of shirts, t-shirts, skirts & dresses (for girls), trousers/jeans, shorts, pajamas, underwears,
  • pair of plain black shoes, 1 pair of white sport (running) shoes, 1 pair of sandals, 6 pairs of plain white socks (knee-high length for girls), black belt.

Please mark all clothings clearly with your name.
•    Malang can be cool in the evening and early morning. So please bring a jacket or sweater with you.
•    Praying needs: mukena, sarong, peci, praying rug (sajadah), Qur’an, Bible, etc.
•    Toileteries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towel, hairbrush/comb, nail clippers, shaving gear, etc
•    Medicines. Please bring your personal medicines with you.
•    Swimming gear, other sport gear that you would like to bring
•    Musical instruments. If you want to bring muscial instruments with you, please welcome to do so.
•    Books. The school has a great collection of books, but you are welcome to bring along your favorite books.
•    Stationeries: Basic stationeries (pen, pencil, notepads) are also provided, however you are welcomed to bring your own stationeries
•    Computer / laptop, camera, mobile phone: There is no need to purchase a computer or a laptop. Computers will be provided in the school and dormitory for the common use of students. You may bring camera and mobile phones with you, but please be informed that during the school hours, students are prohibited from using the mobile phones.
•    Jewelries: We do not encourage students to bring any jewelry to the school / dormitory. You are not allowed to wear any big jewelry to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of your valuables, including jewelry, camera and mobile phones.
•    Food: Please do not bring any kind of food, perishable or non-perishable (including instant noodle).
•    Costumes and flag: You are the ambassador of your region (Kabupaten or Kota). If possible, please bring something unique to the culture of your region, such as traditional costumes, flag, or handicraft.
•    Please bring a copy of your final school report, diploma and UN (Ujian Nasional) result. Also please bring a copy of your Birth Certificate. Do not bring the original copy, just make a photocopy of the documents.
Remember, that you will stay in the dormitory for the duration of the academic year, and will not be allowed to go home except during certain times, such as Idul Fitri and school term breaks. So please bring enough clothes with you. There will be washing machines provided at the dormitory for you to wash your clothes on weekly basis.
All students will have their belongings checked before they may enter the dormitory.

7.    Pocket Money and Banking
You should bring some money with you to pay for your personal expenses. We recommend you not to bring too much cash with you, as you will be staying in temporary residence for 1 month.
During the orientation week, the school will help you open a bank account, and you can then inform your parents for future fund transfer.

8.    Parental Visit
Parents may visit you during the school year. However, this must be arranged in advance with the school’s administrator. During examination period, school may deny request for a parental visit, if it may interfere with the examinations.
During the visit, parents are not allowed to stay in the dormitory. Parents must manage their own transportation and accommodation.
School will assign a Student Advisor for you during the orientation period. The Student Advisor will monitor your well-being which includes your health, social and academic issues. The Student Advisor will be the focal contact point between the school and parents. In case of emergency, parents may call the school or the Student Advisor directly; and Student Advisor may call the parents to discuss important matters about you.

9.    Religious Practices
SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) strongly believes in developing its students’ spiritual quotient. The school encourages each student to freely practice and learn more about his/her own and deepen his/her faith. In addition to the religion subject as required by the national curriculum, school will also provide additional, after-class, religious study guided by a religion counsellor for each of the religion groups.
SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) also believes in and upholds our country’s motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Students, teachers and every member of SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) must tolerate, respect and celebrate differences. We will require students to be respectful of other students who are from different religions.

10.    Health & Safety

Your health and safety are on our list of top priorities. Your Sampoerna Academy scholarship will cover health insurance, and the school will have a nurse on site as well as link with the local hospital and health clinic.
The school takes great pride as a clean, green and healthy school. The UKS (Unit Kesehatan Sekolah) is one of the best in the country and its environmentally friendly culture has won the coveted Adiwiyata award. You are expected to follow and uphold this culture.
During the orientation week, you will be asked to fill in information about your health, past and present medical conditions, and other necessary information. Please ask your parents for a particular condition that you may have experienced in the past (e.g. asthma, allergy, sleeping disorder, etc.). Your parents will be asked to give the School Principal the authority to make necessary decision on your medical treatment while you are in school.
SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) has a very strict policy on cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Any student caught bringing cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or using them will be immediately expelled from the school. The scholarship will also be terminated. The school, if required, will also report to the authotiries for serious violation to the laws and regulations in Kota Malang and the Republic of Indonesia.

Travel Safe and we look forward to welcoming you to SMA Negeri 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy)!

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SMAN 10 Malang mendapatkan juara 1 untuk kategori SMA dalam lomba blog yang diadakan DIKNAS bersama pemkot malang. Acara yang juga di hadiri oleh MENKOMINFO M Nuh dan di buka oleh wakil walikota Malang.

Acara ini sendiri berlangsung 2 hari mulai tanggal 29 Mei 2009 sampai 30 Mei 2009, dimana hari pada hari pertama peserta di beri kesempatan untuk mencari dan mengumpulkan bahan untuk blog, pada hari berikutnya digunakan untuk upload dan customized dari design blog yang digunakan.

Team SMAN 10 Malang diwakili oleh:

  1. Helmy Mukti wijaya Kelas X
  2. Baby Nabilah Kelas XI
  3. Aulia Azzardina Kelas XI

Daftar pemenang bisa dilihat disini dan inilah Blog team blog SMAN 10.

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Pada hari selasa 07 April 2009, SMA Negeri mendapat kunjungan dari Pemkab Mojokerto dan Pemkot Pasuruan dalam rangka study banding UKS.



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Jakarta, 14 March 2009 – Clean, fresh, and green are the first impressions when people enter SMAN 10 Malang, one of the schools adopted by SF-United Schools Program. It is no wonder that the school was selected to represent East Java in the fourth annual Toyota Eco Youth competition (TEY 4), a program that is designed to create schools to become models for other institutions and public in general in implementing a practical environmental management. At SMAN 10 Malang, the project which should focus on 3R activities: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle was managed by six year-10 students and assisted by two teachers. After a 6-month observation, SMAN 10 Malang successfully won the 2nd runner up of the TEY 4 competition at national level.

The ‘Reduce’ Project covers various activities such as reducing the organic waste and air pollution. In this project, the students have been working together to clear away leaves from the schoolyard to produce organic fertilizers. The school has also encouraged students living within two kilometers to ride bicycles to school and they have also regulated the numbers of cars and motorcycles parking at the yard. Some plants have been added around the school to improve the air quality. This project, moreover, involves another stakeholder, the sellers in the canteen. In order to minimize the use of plastic materials, they wrap the food with banana leaves.

The school works closely with the Municipal Waterworks (PDAM) to provide ready-to-drink water for students. In this case, the school promotes the “Reuse” project by advising students to use refillable water bottles.

The last project, the ‘Recycle’, allows students to be more creative in managing waste. They showed that small things when carried out with great efforts can turn out into something useful. Niken Asih Santjojo, the school principal, said that she was very proud of the students since they could modify waste to many valuable things. For example, they could recycle leaves into compost, produce crafts from plastic trash, make teaching aids for biology class from used papers. And last but not least, they could change the used water from the school canteen for the fish pond. This program was made possible through cooperation with Brawijaya University.

According to Niken, the students participating in these programs, particularly those representing the school in this competition can also improve their grades. They have shown environmentally friendly attitudes, and they learned to give a presentation in English. She claimed that the IGCSE program implemented for grade 10 students have shown a good result. She really thank Sampoerna Foundation for constantly supporting them.

Niken said that the school will try their best to maintain the existing programs and perform even better so that they could join other environmental competitions in the future.

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