4. Community Service

Learn to Serve and Serve to Learn

Examples of what students could do:
1. Teach kids to play soccer, draw, and read
2. Teach English at the orphanage or elementary school
3. Fundraise for an event with a specific cause
4. Volunteer at the Farmer’s Market

Many sources name this last strand as service learning.  Two terms that serve two purposes perfectly, learn to serve and serve to learn. Student gives contribution to the society in order to help those in needs and to learn authentically about the problem in society. The goal is to make students grow care to the society, grow creativity in problem solving, and learn to work hard and make changes.
Community service involves interactions, such as the building of links with individuals or groups in the community. The community may be the school, the local district, or it may exist at the national or international levels. Community Service activities should not only involve doing things for others, but also doing things with others, and developing a real commitment to them.
The relationship should therefore show respect for the dignity and self-worth of others.

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